Rajang, the often terrifying ape-like beast from Monster Hunter, now exists in official pillow form. Capcom is selling the 90cm by 70cm item through its Japanese merchandise store, and it'll set you back 26,400 yen, which is about $200 or £165, when it releases on the 9th February 2023.

The pillow's 15cm thick, so it's likely got a decent amount of weight behind it, just like the pain-in-the-arse monster that it's based on.

The product photos are the real stars of this show, though. Behold:

Imagine having this thing just sitting around your bedroom, waiting for the day when its eyes snap open and it starts smashing everything that you own to pieces. Granted, it's nowhere near as big as the real (in-game) Rajang, but we'd argue that its smaller stature actually makes it even more unnerving.

Are you tempted to buy this frankly terrifying pillow? Kiss Rajang goodnight in the comments section below.

[source e-capcom.com, via twitter.com, twitter.com]