Want to see some unedited footage of Madden NFL 23? How does around 20 minutes played by pro players suit you? This is a pretty sanitised piece, so you’re not going to hear much negative feedback from TDBarrett and Cleff, but it showcases some of the new features well, like stand-up tackling and precision passing.

As you’d expect, the footage is being torn to pieces on YouTube, largely due to the defensive AI, with safeties and corners failing to track some wide receiver runs. It’s perhaps important to point out that we’re not sure what difficulty the game is being played on here, so that could potentially explain some of the sluggishness on D.

Some of the new mechanics do look good, though. The ground game, which was already decent, looks further improved – allowing running backs to hit the hole with even more accuracy and really accelerate into opponent territory. Also, the precision passing adds a lot of flexibility, as we know real-life quarterbacks are not only able to find their receivers, but also place the ball in areas where defenders can’t get a play. Nice improvements.

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