All In! Games is known as a small indie games publisher, with its label on titles such as Ghostrunner, Chernobylite, and Tools Up!, but it's now branching into development too. Announced at Gamescom is the company's fresh-faced internal studio, Ironbird Creations, and its debut game looks pretty interesting. Phantom Hellcat, a perspective-shifting action game, is coming to PS5 and PS4.

As you can see in the trailer above, it takes some cues from Nier with its changing viewpoint. Sometimes it presents regular third person character action, but it may shift to side-scrolling segments or other perspectives.

You play as Jolene, a young woman who breaks the seal on a cursed theatre, letting loose all sorts of nefarious entities. You'll battle stage props and theatrical baddies in what looks like fairly slick combat, utilising the environment and various masks to provide new abilities. Again, the game will move more towards platforming at certain points with 2.5D sections.

It looks like it has some potential — we're certainly interested to see how this one plays out. What do you think of Phantom Hellcat? Take a bow in the comments section below.