In addition to the series’ tried-and-trusted analogue swing mechanic, PGA Tour 2K23 will incorporate a triple-click system – albeit with a twist. Casual golf fans will be familiar with the format from more arcade instalments like Everybody’s Golf, but while you’ll be pushing the X button to determine power, swing path, and club face angle – it’ll work a little differently to other games.

“You’ll see a circular power meter displayed as you take your stance, rather than a horizontal bar,” a Clubhouse Report explains. “Regardless of whether you’re hitting a normal iron shot, pitching, or chipping, the meter shape won’t change.”

The blog post continues: “To start your shot, hold down the button to the desired power and time your release as it nears the power circle; exceeding the recommended range will result in an overpowered shot or vice versa. After you release, a green dot will start moving counter-clockwise at the bottom of the circle, quickly tap the button at the top of the circle to determine your swing path. Tapping the button a second time as it reaches the bottom hash mark will determine an open or closed club face.”

So the system’s a little different to the horizontal meter you may have seen in the past. Don’t worry if you’re a casual player, though – there will be difficulty settings available, although lowering it will affect your swing speed when using triple-click. “Experiment with the analogue stick and three-click swings to find which works best for you in PGA Tour 2K23,” the blog post concludes.