Pac-Man World is now about 23 years old, and while we have a lot of nostalgia for the 3D platformer, it obviously shows its age these days. We're pretty excited Bandai Namco is recreating the game for modern platforms with Pac-Man World Re-Pac, but how does it stack up against the original? As you'd expect, it's looking a lot sharper.

The publisher has released the above comparison video, presenting a few stages from the 1999 release and swapping in the remake to show the difference. There's a certain level of charm emanating from the hard edges of the PS1 title, but the remake really pops with its colourful, smooth art style. It generally looks pretty faithful and carries the same spirit with those goofy enemies and cheerful music.

Re-Pac is coming very soon, releasing for PS5 and PS4 on 26th August. Will you be chomping down on this one? Eat some fruit in the comments section below.

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