Big Chungus, a popular Internet meme from a few years ago, could be coming back in a major way. Warner Bros. has recently applied for a trademark for the character, referring to its use in myriad contexts — including video games. With MultiVersus embracing characters from all corners of the media company's archives, it's thought that this filing will lead to the portly version of Bugs Bunny joining the game.

Reporter Andrew Marmo discovered the trademark, and MultiVersus fans are speculating Big Chungus may appear in the game in future:

To clarify, Big Chungus first appeared in an early Looney Tunes cartoon in which Bugs is mocking Elmer Fudd's weight. Once the Internet discovered it, the meme Big Chungus spread very quickly, largely surrounding a joke about a fake PS4 game of the same name. Like most memes, it makes little sense and is now largely abandoned.

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Anyway, most suggest the character may not be a new playable fighter, but could be a skin or an emote for Bugs, who's already part of the roster. We wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if that comes to pass; Shaggy's inclusion in MultiVersus is largely based on Ultra Instinct Shaggy, which began life as a meme but is now more or less canon. Additionally, Big Chungus has appeared in a game before, available in mobile title Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem.

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