The Outlast Trials

Outlast developer Red Barrels appears to be no closer to announcing PS5, PS4 versions of its multiplayer take on the series The Outlast Trials. The game is only confirmed for PC as of now — an online beta takes place in October — and the team's PR outlet is remaining tight-lipped on the possibility of any console versions. When asked for comment, we were told there's "nothing more to confirm or deny at this stage", but "more news [is] coming soon".

Will those updates include the reveal of PS5, PS4 versions? It's tough to say. Both previous Outlast games launched day one on PS4; the original title was even handed out as a PS Plus game very early on in the PS4 lifespan. Therefore, it stands to reason there is a relationship there between Red Barrels and Sony.

The Outlast Trials can be played alone or online with up to four players, tasking you with surviving "the twisted, sadistic and bizarre experiments of the Murkoff Corporation". Through mind control and brainwashing, the institute is treating patients like guinea pigs. "In a world of distrust, fear, and violence, your morals will be challenged, your endurance tested, and your sanity crushed. All in the name of progress, science, and profit."

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