MultiVersus is doing very well for itself in its pre-season open beta, but what fans are really waiting for is Season 1. This first major update to the free-to-play platform fighter will mark its true launch, and we already know that Rick and Morty are joining the roster as part of that. During Evo 2022, developer Player First Games has revealed more about Season 1, and it looks packed:

As you can see from the above image, new characters aren't the only thing Season 1 will introduce. It's now confirmed the game will be getting a "classic arcade mode", which we take to mean single-player battles vs bots in a string of increasingly tough matches. That's not all: we'll also be getting ranked mode, so those who take MultiVersus more seriously can duke it out more competitively. Then, of course, there's the promise of new cosmetic items, and we can already see plenty of new variants and other bits and pieces in the graphic. We know the Battle Pass will have 50 tiers of unlocks, so that's no surprise.

It's pretty exciting to see what's coming in the near future. Season 1 was recently delayed, with no firm date in place right now. The current pre-season Battle Pass has been extended to the 15th August, though, so in theory, Season 1 won't be too far behind that date.

Lots to look forward to, anyway. Are you excited for MultiVersus Season 1? Prepare yourselves in the comments section below.