It's a good time to be a fighting game fan. Whether you're enjoying the casual brawling of the popular MultiVersus or are gearing up for next year's Street Fighter 6, there's plenty to be excited about. Evo 2022 is also just around the corner, and Sony — which now owns the annual tournament — will be hosting live events that will include announcements from some major publishers. However, one fighting franchise in particular will be giving all that a miss.

The Evo Lounge event will feature many publishers including Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Warner Bros. Games. Some fans expected the latter to mean we might finally get to see what's next for Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, series co-creator Ed Boon has shut down that theory:

Responding to an IGN tweet that suggests MK will be showing up with some announcements, Boon makes it clear this is not the case.

We do know for a fact that MultiVersus — WB Games' current hot fighting game — will be present at Evo, and it's possible the team will show off newly revealed characters Rick and Morty for the first time. We're sure Mortal Kombat will get its time in the spotlight, but we'll have to wait a little longer for that.

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