Activision has made the interesting decision to allow the single player campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 unlock one week early if you pre-order a digital copy off the PS Store. This means you'll get to play it from 20th October 2022, with the full game including multiplayer becoming accessible from 28th October 2022. It'll be the entire campaign from start to finish, but the offer doesn't extend to physical pre-orders. You must ditch the disc to take advantage.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Infinity Ward describes the campaign as "a state-of-the-art experience that will immerse players in a stunning, action-packed game reality everyone can enjoy". You'll be globe-trotting to the likes of Europe, Asia, and the USA as Task Force 141, with gunfights underwater and high in the air to look forward to.

"With improved graphics built via photogrammetry technology, the Modern Warfare II campaign offers an impressive visual fidelity and will be covering some of the smallest of details, like the water’s physics and graphics, to create the most immersive experience yet."

Further improvements can be sourced from updated shadow systems, which offer "improved lighting to create an even more realistic ambient that will help players fully submerge themselves" in the game. Audio has also been enhanced to make everything more realistic. "Thanks to new engine improvements, this opened new possibilities for better sound capture and new features including real-time mixing and natural limiting to help players focus on the task at hand, dive into the narrative and draw players throughout the missions."

The blog post then reiterates the upcoming multiplayer beta that's available first on PS5, PS4 from 16th September 2022. You'll need to pre-order to gain access, but the pre-release test then opens up for all a week later. At Call of Duty: Next, the full multiplayer reveal will take place alongside details on the next Warzone client.

Has this new information convinced you to pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Bring your plans forward by a week in the comments below.