Layers of Fear was a good game. Bloober Team’s breakout hit was derivative of Hideo Kojima’s iconic PT demo, of course, but it delivered an extremely atmospheric haunted house – packed with plenty of optical illusions that helped keep you immersed. One of the problems was that the game’s writing never really matched its macabre ambition – and it’s obviously dated by today’s standards.

Reimagining the release seems smart to us, then. Due out on PS5 and in-development using Unreal Engine 5, next year’s Layers of Fears looks to paint over the original’s twisted artwork, and revisit the Dorian Gray-inspired storyline. This latest trailer sets the scene for the Polish studio’s effort, and includes a handful of stunning gameplay vignettes.

Some of the particle effects are absolutely outrageous, and there’s some decent sound design, too. The game’s due out in early 2023, and we must say we’re really looking forward it. Is this a game that’s caught your eye? Paper over the cracks in the comments section below.