For the first time in Dead by Daylight history, a crossover is getting a sequel. Resident Evil: Project W will represent the second time developer Behaviour Interactive has collaborated with Japanese publisher Capcom – and it’s resulting in two new Survivors and an all-new Killer, the infamous Albert Wesker. And no, this time he’s not played by Lance Reddick!

This is the silly sunglassed, leather-clad villain that you remember from the games – specifically Resident Evil 5. “Believing that humanity was at a dead-end, he injected himself with the Prototype Virus to transcend mortal limits,” the press release teases. “Armed with superhuman strength and a desire to eliminate the weak, he created a powerful virus weapon: Uroboros.”

Wesker will have superhuman speed and will be able to infect his victims. Of course, you’ll be able to escape his clutches as two other newcomers: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. The former makes a valuable ally, but “only if her interests remain aligned” – while despite her younger years, Chambers will go to “great lengths to save a teammate in need”.

To strengthen the collaboration, the developer is making some revisions to the previously released Raccoon City Police Department map. “Moving forward, the Raccoon City Police Department will be split into two separate Maps built around the West and East wings, experiencing a considerable reduction in size. The Main Hall will remain a consistent presence on both maps, retaining its original layout.”

According to the press materials, Project W is “coming soon” – and if you follow this game closely, you may have already noticed that many details have leaked. Do you expect this content to keep you hooked until Halloween? Do your best Wesker impression in the comments section below.