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In case you'd forgotten about this game (we sort of had), KartRider: Drift is a free-to-play kart racing game heading to PS4 and other platforms. Coming from South Korean publisher Nexon, it's scheduled to cross the finish line later this year, but before its proper launch, an open beta will be available to play, and it's happening very soon.

Called the Global Racing Test, it begins tomorrow, 31st August, and will run through to 6th September, giving players about a week to put the game's netcode through its paces. The beta will feature cross-play with all platforms, so there should be no shortage of people to race.

You may recall the game had a previous beta at the end of last year, and this new version makes some improvements and additions to what you may have already played. Included in this new test are new characters and alternate appearances, new karts, and many new tracks. Additionally, improved AI and matchmaking, the ability to fine tune karts, a new tutorial mission, and more should make for a more complete experience.

There are no sign-ups necessary — either download the new beta client or update the previous one, and you'll be good to go. Will you be hopping into KartRider: Drift's new open beta? Boost into the comments section below.

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