Host Geoff Keighley and ex-Konami developer Hideo Kojima’s bromance is renowned for bearing plump video game fruits – but the auteur is not yet ready to unveil his latest projects, which will presumably include Death Stranding 2. Keighley had two-hours (!!!) of airtime to fill during Gamescom Opening Night Live, however, so here’s some huge news: Kojima is bringing a new podcast to Spotify.

All snark aside, this could be an interesting listen. Scheduled to debut on 8th September, the show – named Brain Structure – promises “a deep dive into [the Metal Gear man’s] brain” and to “shed light on his creative process”. It’ll be available in both Japanese and English, and subsequent episodes will release every Thursday.

The podcast will include guests from “various fields”, and Keighley himself will also feature, providing weekly industry news. You can subscribe to the podcast right now, through here.