PlayStation London Studio Internship
Image: PlayStation London Studio

Getting into creative industries can be incredibly tough, and with gaming still somewhat secretive about how the sausage is made, it can feel impossible at times if you're looking to break in. Fortunately, opportunities do present themselves from time to time, and today, PlayStation's London Studio has announced a very generous new programme to help the right candidates get their foot in the door.

The developer's new Player One Programme is a paid, 12-month internship in which you'll learn the ropes within the walls of a long-established studio. "Learning alongside our Senior Leads and Mentors, Interns will contribute to actual deliverables for the production of our upcoming online multiplayer game," the webpage reads.

Prospective interns must be 18 or over, but that seems to be the only requirement. You don't necessarily need degree-level education, and experience making games is expressly not required — it seems all you really need is a passion for games and the desire to join the industry.

There will be openings in tech, design, and production, and you'll benefit from shadowing professional devs, attending workshops and trade shows, and more. The one year fixed term contract offers a salary of £25,000, you get a travel allowance, and can work a mix of remote and in-office. It all sounds ideal for those looking to leap into game dev.

Applications are being taken between 2nd and 12th September, and you can read much more detail about the opportunity through here, if you're interested.

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