We’d argue the general consensus on Gotham Knights so far is that it’s a bland co-op brawler. But when it comes to its open world Gotham City setting, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this IGN video, developer WB Games Montreal delves into the insane amount of narrative detail that’s gone into the sandbox setting.

Effectively, the story spans back 400 years, with the Waynes, Cobblepots, Arkhams, and others all settling in the city. Over the years they’ve cultivated its industry, but while the buildings continue to rise, secrets remain buried underneath. Each district of Gotham City will have a story tell, a lot of which will be embedded into the environment itself.

Obviously the jury’s still out on how well all of this lore will be utilised, but we’re undoubtedly impressed by the sheer depth of the story that the developer’s telling here. It claims in the video that all of the history will intertwine with the core Court of Owls storyline of the main campaign – let’s hope it fulfils its potential.