Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream has announced it will be putting out Parallel Studio's Go Under the Waves via its publishing arm next year. Planned for release on PS5 and PS4, it's an adventure that's said to explore the human psyche in the depths of the North Sea. Check out the reveal trailer above.

Announced during the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 showcase, you'll play as a professional diver called Stan as he struggles to overcome a personal loss. "The isolation of the deep sea is a fitting manifestation of his state of mind, and as Stan retreads further into his self-imposed solitude, he starts to experience strange events far beneath the waves," the YouTube description reads. "He will eventually have to make a difficult choice... stay lost in the depths forever, or break free to the surface and to the rest of his life."

On the game's official website, it's explained how you'll pilot a submarine through cave networks, wreckage, and large plants to find "backstory pieces, salvageable waste, collectibles, and more. Craft equipment to help Stan explore further." With backing from Surfrider Foundation Europe, the title will amplify the environmental messages of the non-profit association.