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FIFA 23 is making further alterations to the Player Career this year, allowing you to further hone your personality – both on and off the pitch. Everything you do in the game will contribute to the type of player you become – whether it’s teeing up your teammates regularly or taking all of the plaudits in your post-match interviews. Finally, you can become the Premier League prima donna you’ve always dreamed of.

As alluded, this will extend to decisions you make away from football, such as what you decide to spend your hard-earned cash on. Are you going to invest in yourself with a personal trainer and a live-in chef – or buy a luxury watch and a sports car? Depending on what you decide, you’ll earn Personality Points which will contribute towards your attributes. Mavericks, for example, are all about themselves – while Heartbeats put the team first.

It’s all part of a deeper Career experience, which will allow you to play highlights across all modes. Much like in recent Madden NFL games, these are generated based on the simulation, and allow you to assume control in key offensive or defensive moments – in fact, if you’re playing Manager Career you can even pick which specific type of highlights you’d like to take control of. It pairs with a new Main Menu, which will help get you to the most meaningful information quicker.

One other noteworthy change is that you can finally take control of a real-life manager, whether you fancy yourself as a fledgling Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp. And regardless of who you select, key alterations at the negotiations stage will help you to gauge the tension when you’re making counter-offers and submitting bids. Meanwhile, a revised Transfer Analyst will help you to better understand the impact certain signings will have on your squad.

All in all, then, it’s not a massive overhaul – but there should be more than enough here to keep you occupied as the real-life season gets underway. Which direction will you be taking your Player Career in? Hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the comments section below.

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