The Legend of Dragoon

There's nothing like a bit of fan speculation to kickstart a new week in video games, is there? This latest gossip all stems from the fact that PlayStation legend Shuhei Yoshida retweeted something over the weekend — that something being a tweet from The Legend of Dragoon composer Dennis Martin.

But why? Martin's tweet is from 2019, in which he reminisces about scoring the PS1 RPG. It's undeniably weird that Yoshida would choose to unearth the tweet now, so you can see why fans think that there might be something going on behind the scenes here.

Yoshida has since removed the retweet for reasons unknown. Perhaps the likeable exec had simply made a mistake while looking through old posts — it's impossible to say. But again, it is a strange thing to retweet, and we can understand why it's sparked a fire of intrigue.

The Legend of Dragoon is, of course, a prime candidate for PS Plus Premium — it being considered a classic PS1 title published by Sony itself. We wouldn't be at all surprised to see it make the jump to PlayStation's refreshed subscription service sooner or later.

But are fans reading too much into this? Or do you think Legend of Dragoon could be making some kind of comeback? Watch out for those Winglies in the comments section below.