Dead Cells is an excellent roguelike that wowed us back when it launched, and developer Motion Twin has been churning out a steady stream of support for the title ever since. The next update, called Enter the Panchaku, is out now on PC and coming to PlayStation "soon", and we got a couple of trailers outlining what we can expect from it.

Enter the Panchaku will introduce a full rework of the legendaries system, a balancing run for the 29 weapons in the game, new cosmetics, and the introduction of the Panchaku weapon, which is literally a couple of pans connected with some string. This weapon was added to satiate fan demand after the Bad Seed animated trailer depicted the armament.

Motion Twin released a shorter gameplay trailer (above) and a longer VLOG (below) detailing the changes you can expect to get your hands on in the not-too-distant future. You can also check out the full patch notes if you want every granular detail.

Are you excited to wield the legendary Panchaku for yourself? Demonstrate your skills in the comments section below.