Just as the rumours and leaks suggested, Dead Island 2 is actually still alive. Dambuster Studios has been working on building the game "from the ground up" for the past four years, and now we have a release date: 3rd February 2023 on PS5, PS4. The trailer accompanying the announcement is just as comedic as the series was on PS3, so that humorous tone has been retained.

"HELL-A is waiting to welcome you, survive the infected – by any means necessary," the YouTube description reads." Hack, punch, shoot and eviscerate your way through a gore-drenched Los Angeles, use your deadly force at will and earn your stripes as a zombie Slayer on February 3 2023."

In addition to the announcement trailer, some gameplay clips were also shared. View them in the video below. Are you still interested in Dead Island 2 eight years later? Let us know in the comments below.