Dead Cells is an excellent rogue-like side-scroller with fluid controls and intricate design. While it was developed by several talented people at studio Motion Twin, Sébastien Bénard spearheaded much of the process, credited as lead game designer and lead developer. Now, he's broken away from the larger team to pursue some solo projects, and one of those is an all-new game named Nuclear Blaze.

Released on PC last year to very positive reviews, Nuclear Blaze is a 2D action adventure in which you play a firefighter, called in to tackle a raging inferno only to discover a mysterious underground facility. It's not a rogue-like or Metroidvania — it's a linear platformer about using your firehose and other tools to puzzle through the environment and unravel the story. You can get a feel for it in the above trailer.

In addition to featuring smooth controls and a familiar visual style, the game has numerous difficulty settings as well as a Kid Mode, which alters the levels and controls to allow children and younger players to enjoy the game too.

It's now confirmed for release on PS5 and PS4 "early next year", releasing digitally with information about a physical release to come "at a later date". Are you interested in Nuclear Blaze? No flaming in the comments section below.