Dreams PS4

Dreams has in-game events all year round, but the All Hallows' events each October are always a highlight. The community of creators, alongside Media Molecule, put together brilliant things to see and do within the create-'em-up, and it looks like this year will be no different.

All Hallows': The Land of Lost Dreams is 2022's Halloween special, and while much of it will be made by the developer itself, there are a couple of ways you can get involved directly. First, you can contribute to The Forest of Gloom, an area of stitched-together, community-made patches of woodland you can customise however you want. You can make something terrifying to peek through the trees using templates and a bunch of pre-made assets.

Similarly, Media Molecule invites players to create Cursed Trinkets. Either using the provided templates or making your own, these objects will presumably be peppered around the event, giving you licence to get creative with something smaller.

All the guidelines and info you need can be found through here. If you do want to contribute something, you have between now and 12th September to submit your spooky creations. Are you excited for The Land of Lost Dreams? Don't look behind you in the comments section below.

[source docs.indreams.me]