We've been wondering what happened to Three Fields Entertainment. The indie studio, founded by ex-Criterion staffers from the Burnout days, released a handful of titles on PS4, but none quite captured the same energy as that beloved arcade racing series. After going dark for what feels like years, the studio has reemerged with Wreckreation, backed by THQ Nordic.

Wreckreation is another boisterous racer, only this time it has a twist: you can build your own courses while you drive. Placing down all kinds of ramps, track parts, and other bits and pieces, you and your friends will compete to cross the line all while you're plonking these objects down. It's not totally clear how that will all work, but real-time track construction as you race certainly sounds exciting.

The look and vibe of the vehicles shouts Burnout to us, naturally, but we're also seeing shades of Trackmania and even Ultimate Chicken Horse, sort of. If it all works smoothly, we can see this being pretty entertaining, but with no release date as yet, it might be a while before we find out.

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