We’ve reached peak tycoon title at last: Brewmaster will hop to PS5 and PS4 on 29th September. The crafty ale-‘em-up has been maturing for some time, but developer Auroch Digital is finally ready to pour the simulator to PlayStation – perfectly proportioned head and all. As the trailer demonstrates, you’ll be in charge of mastering your own brewtiful blends, then designing the packaging and reaping the rewards.

Each drop of amber nectar that you concoct will be given a specific profile, influencing how you market it. “Brewmaster is a wholesome sim that we can’t wait for players to experience in a few weeks’ time,” clinked Katie Clark, a bigwig at publisher Fireshine Games. “Following the positive response to the game's earlier alpha playtest and demo – and the fun we’ve had here at Fireshine creating our own virtual brews – we know Auroch has crafted a simulation that budding brewmasters will love.”

The game will be cheaper than a round of best at £14.99/$17.99, with a ten per cent discount available on the PS Store at launch. Will you be downing this on day one? Take it easy in the comments section below.

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