Rumbleverse PS5 PS4

It feels like the buzz around Rumbleverse is fairly muted, but it's very close to launch now on PS5 and PS4. This is Epic Games' next big free-to-play, battle royale, multiplayer, live service game, taking the blueprint of Fortnite and swapping out guns for wrestling. It's shaping up to be a chaotic good time, and new details on the PS Blog reveal it'll have more than just the one mode on day one.

When the title arrives on 11th August, you'll be able to play in a Duos mode as well as flying solo. Grappling opponents with a buddy should provide some laughs, and there are some gameplay tweaks to rebalance the action for teams of two. The core idea is the same, though — stay inside the shrinking circle and be the last one standing.

The new Playground mode, on the other hand, is something different. As the name implies, it allows you to explore the entire city in free roam. This allows you to properly get acquainted with the map so you know all its ins and outs. If you invite a friend to join you in Playground mode, you'll be able to fight each other and get some practise in. Additionally, training modules will be dotted around to give you some tips, and you can mess around with the game's items to figure them out too.

Rumbleverse is just a few days away — will you be dropping into Grapital City? Elbow drop the comments section below.