Battalion 1944 PS4 PlayStation

Well, it's official, multiplayer WW2 shooter Battalion 1944 won't be coming to PS4 after all. Bulkhead Interactive announced the news today on Twitter, revealing that the developer has formally ended its relationship with publisher Square Enix, as well. The title will now go free-to-play on Steam, on 16th August.

Battalion 1944 was originally slated to come to PS4 when the project was announced back in 2016. However, the fate of the console port has since been in limbo, with irate fans voicing their displeasure ever since. We now know that the console port has been scrapped, but Bulkhead Interactive has promised that refunds are coming for Kickstarter backers.

We went hands-on with Battalion 1944 back in 2017 and enjoyed the classic shooter for what it was, so it's a shame it never made it to console.

Are you disappointed Battalion 1944 won't be coming to PS4? Did you back the project on Kickstarter? Enlist in the comments section below.

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