Sker Ritual is a round-based cooperative FPS, and the spiritual successor to the Maid of Sker. It's coming to PS5 and PS4 in Q1, 2023.

In a new trailer that comes to us via IGN, we meet some of the horrifying enemies that are liable to make your life a living hell. The Mariner, Banshee, Phantom and Blazesliner are some of the Elite enemies you will need to overcome if you want any chance at all of survival.

Sker Ritual shares a lot of imagery with its predecessor, Maid of Sker, both developed by Wales Interactive. While it's true that that game was fairly average, here's hoping this one will have a little more meat on the bone.

The reveal trailer released in May gives us a better look at gameplay and reminds us a little bit of Bioshock 2's ill-fated multiplayer mode, which had potential it never reached.

What do you think of Sker Ritual? Did you ever play Maid of Sker? Let us know in the comments section below.