Atlas Fallen PS5

The Surge developer Deck13 Interactive has likened its upcoming new IP Atlas Fallen to God of War and Horizon rather than Dark Souls. The comparison comes as the studio's prior titles, including The Surge 2, could safely call themselves Souls-likes thanks to borrowing many of the mechanics and general difficulty made famous by FromSoftware. So, Atlas Fallen now appears to be a departure from that.

Speaking at Gamescom 2022 (reported by VG247), design director Jérémy Hartvick said Atlas Fallen will be "more inspired by God of War or Horizon", but there will be a difficulty mode for players "more used to games that the company has created before". Alongside an easier Adventure Mode and the standard difficulty option, there'll be a hard mode that tests your build optimisation, combat skills, and ability usage.

Atlas Fallen retains the body part targeting system of The Surge series, but Deck13 Interactive has "pushed everything a step further in the direction of advanced character management and moveset customization, so you’ll get to approach combat in your own way". Systems are designed around speed and fluidity, and the sand all around you can be turned into a weapon.

"This leads to epic, combo-driven dynamics, which in turn feed another central element to Atlas Fallen’s combat system: the Momentum bar. It consists of a gauge which gets filled as you multiply combos, progressively powering the gauntlet for increased damage and extra skills. It gives a wonderfully overpowering feeling to your attacks."

Targetting a release on PS5 next year, expect to hear much more about Atlas Fallen in the coming months. A native PS4 version isn't planned. Have you liked what's been shown of Deck13 Interactive's latest title so far? Control the sands in the comments below.