Horizon Chase Turbo made its way to PS4 following the original game's big success on mobile, and it remains a robust retro-tinged racer. Now, developer Aquiris has announced the sequel, Horizon Chase 2, with the above trailer.

Horizon Chase 2 looks to be mostly more of the same colourful, satisfying racing, but with some new twists of course. Multiplayer will be available in all modes, a new campaign will feature 55 tracks across five countries, and you'll be able to customise each of the 10 vehicles with cosmetic changes as well as stat upgrades.

The game will be built for live service elements as well, with new challenges every two days and modified campaign races in the Tournament mode to keep things fresh.

The sequel will release first on Apple Arcade with a date of 9th September, but is confirmed for consoles in 2023. Are you excited for Horizon Chase 2? Tell us in the comments section below.