You can always count on Geoff Keighley to get the hype juices flowing. The presenter/producer is behind several of the gaming calendar's largest events, including The Game Awards, Summer Game Fest, and Gamescom Opening Night Live. The latter of these is next up, with 2022's showcase lining up for 23rd August in just a few weeks' time.

As Keighley states in the below message, this year's event is back to being fully live, with an in-person audience watching "game announcements, world premieres, and more" as it unfolds onstage:

For those who can't attend the expo itself in Cologne, Germany, Opening Night Live will be broadcast online, as per usual. We'll all be able to tune in via YouTube, Twitch, and so on to see the latest addition to Keighley's collection of trainers that are larger than this author's flat. Obviously we don't know what games will be on display, but we do know that Sony won't be in attendance, so don't expect any first-party stuff to show up.

As well as the live show, Gamescom is coming back this year as a public gaming expo, the largest in fact, despite selling fewer tickets than it used to. Apparently, attendants will be safe thanks to a "tried-and-tested hygiene and security concept", whatever that means.

Anyway, Gamescom's big show is coming up soon — are you excited? What would you like to see during the event? Tell us in the comments section below.