Platinum Trophies USA 1

Maybe Americans have far too much Freedom™ to earn Platinum Trophies, because Sony data confirms gamers in the USA earn the least amount of silvery-blue pots on the planet. A survey on global player trends published by Sony at this year’s Computer Entertainment Developers Conference reveals that, on average, Asian and European players earn the most Platinums overall.

The data categorises Japanese players separately from Asia, and interestingly those in the Land of the Rising Sun have the highest completion percentages on “major titles” – once again, America is in last. Japanese gamers also play the most hours on average, though they play the fewest different games. Players in the USA average around 10.7 different titles per user, which is almost double that of Japan’s 5.9 games.

Interestingly, Japan is more likely to purchase physical releases, although generally all regions prefer digital downloads at this stage. While none of these trends are overly surprising, it is fascinating seeing the official data. You can learn more from Sony’s official presentation [Japanese], which was translated and compiled by Genki_JPN on Twitter.

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