Ahead of its anticipated PS5 launch on 18th October 2022, Asobo Studio has uploaded a new A Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay video that takes a page from Rockstar's book with a bodiless voice explaining what's happening on screen in a calm and collected manner. Over five minutes of footage reveals new cutscenes, gameplay features, and sequences.

"How far will you go to save the ones you love?" the voice asks as the gameplay commences. A Plague Tale: Innocence contained very little bright and colourful scenery, but the demonstration above opens with lush greenery and rolling fields in the summer months. Despite finding time to relax and lead a normal life once more, Hugo begins to have dreams of a mysterious island beckoning him to visit.

The rat plague eventually finds Amicia and Hugo, though, and so the twosome decides to venture to the island. Here we see how Amicia has become "hardened, experienced," and "resourceful" following the events of the first game. Now she has a crossbow, more stealth takedown options, and new tools to either kill enemies or manipulate the rat horde into doing her bidding.

Hugo, meanwhile, has a deeper connection with the rats that allows him to highlight foes through walls and directly possess the rodents. The video then introduces new faces to Amicia and Hugo before teasing a few more gameplay sequences. Are you excited by this latest look? Control the rats in the comments below.

[source youtube.com]