No one likes getting perfected in Street Fighter. For those not up to speed with the lingo, you achieve a perfect when you win a fight without getting hit. It’s supremely satisfying for the initiator, but irritating if you’re on the receiving end. And with Street Fighter 6, it’s about to get a whole lot more annoying.

Y’see, much like the taunts that creator Capcom’s already showcased, these are designed to rub your face in it – especially where new posterboy Luke is involved. Take a look below for his unique perfect victory dance, and feel the rage swell from deep within your soul.

We love all the little flourishes and attention to detail that’s being built into this title, and we’re really eager to see some of the unique poses and taunts used by different characters. As the tweet points out, Luke is definitely from the TikTok generation – but we can’t see Ryu celebrating in quite the same way, can you?