It’s nice to want things! Unfortunately, this Nathan Drake statue – inspired by Naughty Dog’s 2016 title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – is something you can’t have. That’s because, at $1,299 for the basic version, it’s not for peasants. Still, we can appreciate it all the same!

“In this thrilling 27-inch tall statue, Prime 1 Studio artists have posed an extremely acrobatic Nathan Drake in the midst of yet another exciting adventure,” the product description reads. “Nathan hangs off a wooden beam, supporting a cage inhabited by a long-dead crewmate of the famed pirate, Henry Avery! Nathan aims his trusty sidearm at an unknown combatant, who is bound to lose his life in this encounter!”

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The promotional materials continue: “Our skilful artisans have included a variety of textures and materials in this statue, which underscores the importance the source material played in its creation of it. The world of Uncharted is nothing if not dense with detail, grit, and atmosphere. The Studio took full advantage of this when creating this magnificent figure! The weathering, the dirt, the grime, all come alive with the lifelike rendering of the painting masters.”

A more expensive $1,399 DX Bonus version comes with interchangeable heads and arms to create a slightly different pose, as well as an attachable AK-47 with a gun strap. Very nice – but you’ll need to plan a treasure hunt of your own in order to afford it.