Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Turbo MegaMix Xtreme Game of the Year Definitive Edition — or Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition, if you don't like dumb jokes — is real. Regular readers may remember that we covered a rating for this game back in May, and we couldn't quite understand why Koei Tecmo would be re-releasing another version of Warriors Orochi 3 — a title that first launched in 2013 for the PS3, and was later ported to PS4 as Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

As it turns out, the so-called Definitive Edition is actually for PC, or more specifically, Steam — and it's out now. It's essentially just a PC port of Ultimate with all of the DLC included. Mystery solved!

Koei Tecmo doesn't say anything about other platforms in its press release, so we wouldn't count on this also coming to consoles. Still, we thought it'd be best to tie this story up now that we have answers.