A trailer for Veilbreaker, a free update for Warframe, was shown off at TennoCon 2022, giving players a glimpse at what comes next in the free-to-play multiplayer games' ongoing narrative.

Veilbreaker will revive heroes and villains from last year's The New War Expansion, and players will take control of legendary Grineer soldier Kahl-175 as he fights for the freedom of his comrades in this latest Quest update.

In other Warframe news, we learned that a new game called Soulframe is currently in development, and will be set in the same universe. In addition, a new open-world expansion called The Duviri Paradox is set to release later in 2022.

What do you think of the current slate of content coming to Warframe? Are you up to date and ready for Veilbreaker? Get locked and loaded in the comments section below.

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