Back when Thirsty Suitors was announced, it was only confirmed for PC, but now publisher Annapurna Interactive has confirmed the project for PS5 and PS4, among other console platforms. Good thing, too, because this unique-looking adventure game from Outer Loop seems like a winner.

You play as Jala, a young woman who travels back to her hometown for her sister's wedding. However, with that comes a lot of baggage; in the game, you'll need to deal with Jala's parents, reconcile with her ex-partners, and generally keep things together. Obviously this is a narrative-heavy experience, but gameplay-wise, it's an intriguing mix of turn-based battles, cookery, and skateboarding. You can get a taste of how it plays out in the above trailer.

We're pretty excited for this one — something different to look forward to in 2023. What do you think of Thirsty Suitors? Cook up your thoughts in the comments section below.