It's slightly old news at this point given that the Japanese trailer from a couple of weeks back gave the release date away, but at least we've now got confirmation from Square Enix itself. The DioField Chronicle will launch for both PS5 and PS4 on the 22nd September here in the West.

A playable demo will be available from the 10th August, and it'll let you transfer your progress over to the full game when it lands.

You can get a fairly good look at the real-time strategy title via the new English trailer, which we've embedded above. It features a mix of cutscenes and combat. Honestly, we think this one's got some potential, although the character models can look a little funky, and we're not totally sold on the writing.

it might also be worth mentioning that The DioField Chronicle is a near full price release, retailing at Ā£49.99 / $59.99. We're not sure how well it'll perform with that kind of price tag, but who knows ā€” it could end up being a strategy RPG masterclass (here's hoping!).

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