Synth Riders

Hot off the heels of the Lindsey Stirling song pack, Kluge Interactive has announced yet more music coming to its phenomenal VR rhythm title, Synth Riders. In celebration of the game’s fourth anniversary – it launched on PC VR headsets well in advance of the PSVR version, which has only been available since last August – a number of festivities will kick off.

By the time you’re reading this, the anniversary update will be out, bringing with it two new, free songs. Additionally, the two tracks – “On My Way” by Finesu and “Stardust” by Skybreak – will be Content ID free, allowing for you to stream or monetize content featuring the tracks as much as your hearts may desire! These new tracks bring the total of songs included with the game up to a rather impressive 57. And that’s not counting the plethora of paid DLC packs you can pick up.

In addition to the new tracks, the update promises to include new birthday-related decals to place on the ground in your digital environment, allowing you further customisation options within the virtual world. The decals will be joined by updated challenges to add further changes to the Synth Riders experience.

So, are you excited to celebrate Synth Riders, erm, 11 month PSVR anniversary? Ready to try out the new songs? Is Synth Riders one of those rare VR games you always like to keep handy? Let us know in the comments!