Paddington Movie 1

Sony stopped flogging films and television shows through the PS Store a little while back, but it promised to honour existing purchases. However, as of 31st August in Germany and Austria, it will begin the process of removing content from French film production and distribution company Studio Canal, meaning even if you paid for them you’ll no longer be able to access them.

A legal notice blames the removal on “evolving licensing agreements with content providers” and points out that “you’ll no longer be able to view your previously purchased Studio Canal content and it will be removed from your video library”. A list of films affected by the change includes the likes of John Wick and Paddington. There’s no mention of a refund or rebate.

It’s also unclear, as of now, whether this will apply to customers outside of Germany and Austria, but we’ll contact the company and try and get clarification. Either way, it’s a reminder that in an all-digital future, there’s always the possibility of your purchases being taken away – regardless of what content providers promise or say.

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