It's been a long time coming, but Ubisoft's seafaring open worlder finally has a release date. Skull & Bones is setting sail for PS5 (there's no PS4 version now) on the 8th November 2022 — that's a day before PlayStation exclusive God of War Ragnarok lands. The last few months of the year are starting to look quite busy, aren't they?

Ubisoft also debuted a new gameplay trailer, and it's fair to say that the title looks very involved. Naturally, your goal is to become the ocean's most infamous pirate, and getting there means having to explore the high seas, plundering cargo so that you can upgrade your ship and your crew's capabilities. In typical Ubisoft fashion, Skull & Bones is clearly designed to keep you playing for as long as possible.

Again, there's a lot to this game — maybe too much for some — but if you have a penchant for piracy, it's certainly one to watch. What do you think of Skull & Bones? Are you ready for it to finally release? Hop aboard in the comments section below.