RWBY: Arrowfell is an upcoming action-adventure title from developer Wayforward that tells an in-continuity story of the popular RWBY franchise from Rooster Teeth.

The events of Arrowfell will be set in WRBY: Volume 7, and the show's writers intentionally left a time skip in the story so that the game is entirely canon.

RWBY began back in 2013 and continues to this day, telling the story of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang (from whose names the series title is derived) as they battle to protect their world from monsters called the Grimm.

Wayforward's official description of the game's key features is as follows:

  • Play as all four members of Team RWBY—Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang—each with their own weapons and abilities! Switch between them on the fly!
  • Use each character’s Semblances to get an edge in combat and solve puzzles!
  • Featuring the talents of RWBY‘s original vocal cast, plus a new theme song by Casey Lee Williams!
  • An all-new canonical story set during RWBY Volume 7 from RWBY writers Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and Eddy Rivas!
  • Explore a variety of nonlinear environments in Atlas, Mantle, and the surrounding areas!
  • Interact with familiar characters such as Penny, Winter, General Ironwood, and the Ace Operatives, as well as new faces like Team BRIR!
  • Collect Skill Points to power up Team RWBY’s stats!

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