Roll7 has put out the first in a series of developer diaries all about Rollerdrome as we close in on its 16th August 2022 release date on PS5 and PS4. The first focuses on level design and flow, revealing how you'll get about the skate parks in style all the while shooting bad guys with an assortment of weapons. Check out five minutes of new footage above along with commentary from studio creative director John Ribbins and senior 3D level designer Jacob Mills.

The two discuss how Rollerdrome came to be before diving into mechanics like the perfect dodge and a slow-motion mode called Reflex Time. This'll bring the action right down to a crawl so you can gun down enemies and perform more complex tricks with the extra air time. Building on that is Super Reflex, which is triggered during a perfect dodge. Described as "way cooler", the art style turns blue and enemies are highlighted for more damage.

If you want to give the game a go before purchasing, a Trial will be made available to PS Plus Premium members in the same way as OlliOlli World. There will also be an introductory price for PS Plus subscribers of £16.49/$19.79. Two weeks after release, on 29th August 2022, it increases to £24.99/$29.99.