The Sims 4's next expansion has officially been revealed, and it's a doozy. The High School Years will transport players back to those most awkward years. You know, the ones full of moments we try not to think about too much, and yet inevitably do, in the wee hours of the morning even all these years later.


The High School Years is launching on PS4 on 28 July, and it will offer players a whole high school experience, allowing them to attend classes in person, get to know their teachers, and form the kinds of relationships that can last a lifetime.

Hang out with your friends, study for that big exam, or make a ridiculously elaborate Promposal. How you spend your time is up to you.

It wouldn't be The Sims if there weren't a ridiculous level of customisation on offer, so you can design your bedroom, plan your outfits, and make questionable fashion choices.

You can even become a Simfluencer, gaining followers and rewards if your style is, as the kids say, "on fleek".

Are you looking forward to reliving your High School Years in The Sims 4? Cringe in remembrance with us in the comments section below.