EA Singe-Player Tweet

It's always a bit cringe when corporations try to get in on social media memes, isn't it? There's a very. very fine line between a legitimately clever tweet and a tweet that completely blows up in the author's face — and it's the latter that's happened to EA's official account.

As we all know, the publisher is already unpopular amongst hardcore gaming fans — the kind of people who read this very website on a regular basis — so when it tweeted: "They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games," the company was just begging for a beatdown.

Of course, EA has had a notorious reputation when it comes to single-player projects. Years ago, it was one of the first big publishers to go almost all-in on multiplayer and live service titles, to the point where it had legendary RPG developer BioWare make ANTHEM. It also killed properties like Dead Space in pursuit of more live service success, especially after FIFA became such a global phenomenon.

To be fair, EA has learned some kind of lesson, because BioWare is back on the RPG train (a new Mass Effect is in development alongside Dragon Age: Dreadwolf), and Dead Space is actually being remade — but reputations are incredibly hard to shake in this industry.

And so EA's being raked across burning hot coals for that aforementioned tweet. The company did try to backtrack its attempt at memery with a follow-up post, which reads: "Roast well deserved. We’ll take this L cause playing single player games actually makes them an 11," but the damage had already been done.

The biggest dunk we've seen probably comes from former EA and Visceral Games developer Zach Mumbach, who quoted the first tweet and said: "This is the company that shut down my studio and laid off ~100 great developers because we were making a single player game." Can't hit the point home much harder than that, can you?

Now look, it should be noted that this EA account is likely ran by just a handful of community-facing employees at most, and it's easy to make a bad call when the company you work for is considered uncool to begin with, so we do sympathise with the actual people or person behind this misplay.

But jeez, what a misplay it was!

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