Understandably, the official Deus Ex social media has been pretty quiet for a while. After all, the last game released back in 2016, not to mention Embracer's buyout of Square Enix developers and IPs. However, the Twitter account has broken a nearly year-long silence, and it's not even to talk about Deus Ex. It's a tweet focused on Stray:

Both games take place in a gritty cybercity, so we can see the throughline — and obviously, those images are wonderful. Adam Jensen as a cat? We never asked for this, but we're glad to have it anyway. Thanks, Internet.

In all seriousness, it's always a nice gesture when studios congratulate others when their games ship, and it's the same with Eidos Montréal giving the nod to tiny French team BlueTwelve Studios. The feline adventure launches today, straight onto PS Plus Extra, and we think it's well worth playing.

If you're looking for any extra help with the game, don't forget our Stray guide. Will you be playing this one soon? Nonchalantly knock something off a shelf in the comments section below.

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