We're sure you've noticed, but Stray launched yesterday, and it's been capturing hearts across the board. It turns out playing as a common pet appeals to a lot of people, especially those who already have a cat or two at home. The love for the game has put a jolly spin on the week, and then we discovered @CatsWatchStray.

This new Twitter account is dedicated to sharing images and videos of our feline friends checking out BlueTwelve's debut title. It's been retweeting some great clips and pics of cats enraptured by the onscreen mog, and even looking curiously at the DualSense controller as it meows to them. Some examples:

PlayStation's Greg Rice and his cat Dottie join the fun, too:

It's well worth a follow if you're a cat lover, or if you just want to see adorable things on your timeline.

Incidentally, this author has two cats, and not only reviewed Stray but also produced an extensive Stray guide, putting in considerable time with the game. Neither of them batted an eyelid the entire time.

Are you a cat parent playing Stray right now? Have they reacted in any way, or are they more like the above pair of sourpusses? Tell us in the comments section below.

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