Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her

You may have heard about an Elden Ring player by the name of Let Me Solo Her. The heroic figure has helped hundreds of Tarnished take down Malenia — one of the game's hardest bosses — via co-op, and Let Me Solo Her has since been immortalised through fan art, inspirational videos, and more.

In fact, Let Me Solo Her's deeds are so impressive that Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco has actually sent the legend a real-life sword in congratulatory fashion. The famous player, known as @TsuboiKlein on Twitter, recently posted about the package:

How cool is that? "I can still remember my first experience with the Soulsborne series and almost quitting because of Iudex Gundyr in Dark Souls 3. I'm glad I persisted," writes the all-powerful saviour. Heroics from truly humble beginnings!

Dare we ask if you've ever stumbled across Let Me Solo Her? Raise your blade in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via gamesradar.com]