FromSoftware games often bring out the best (and occasionally the worst) in all of us, rewarding ingenuity and experimentation.

But somehow, we don't think Miyazaki, even in his wildest dreams, would have expected Elden Ring players to invent such fantastic challenges for themselves, using inputs so unreal as to defy expectation.

Godrick was beaten with a banana. Margit was mastered with a harp. Redditor Omunchkin13 has upped the ante, beating every mainline boss in the game using a piano.

If that doesn't sound complicated enough, Omunchkin13 used Bome MIDI Translator software to port the keyboard inputs to the piano keys. The issue was that they specifically used the free version of the app, which closes after 20 minutes of use, often during the middle of a boss encounter.

Nevertheless, Omunchkin13 was able to persevere and beat the game in just over 40 hours of game time.

It's an impressive feat and the latest example of the creativity of the Elden Ring community, and the larger Souls fandom in general. See this Elden Ring artwork created in Dreams, or this Elden Ring PS1 demake as other examples.

What do you think of Omunchkin13's effort? What implement would you like to see Elden Ring beaten with next? Play us a song in the comments section below.

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